Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hot Rod Magazines

Years ago I bought these great little hot rod magazines dating from 1959 and 1960.  I am not sure I ever really combed through them carefully until recently. There is some great stuff in these! One of my favorites is a small add for Ed Roth shirts. Just $1.98 back then. Then there is the girlie spread in the issue of Sparkin’ which includes a Jayne Mansfield shot. There are tips on customizing your car on the cheap and an article dedicated to the best California customized hot rods. So much fun! If only some of those hot rod photos were in color…


  1. Since I have a 52 Pontiac, I'd love to see how to "customize without bankruptcy" lol.

    1. Lol! That rules! Though I am guessing these days their customizing tips might bring you closer to bankruptcy than in 1960. ;-)

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