Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hollywood in Kodachrome

Over the weekend we stopped into our local bookstore and I found something I just simply could not live without, Hollywood in Kodachrome by David Wills and Stephen Schmidt. I was stopped dead in my tracks by a gorgeous color portrait of Lauren Bacall gracing the cover. I’m pretty sure I heard her say “You must buy me”. Who could say no to Lauren?  I bought it for the cover price of $40 from Books Inc. but if you do not have a local bookseller in your neighborhood it is available form Amazon as well.

Over 300 pages in length, it is chock full of the most amazing Kodachrome prints from the 1940s. I can only guess as to how many hours I'll spend studying these pages. The black and white Hollywood portraits of the 1940s are wonderful as well but if you have ever found yourself asking “I wonder what color that fabric is” or “What color lipstick is she wearing” you will love this book! These vibrant portraits leave nothing to the imagination.

This will be the last post for a bit as we are off to the England for the Rhythm Riot and to kick around London.  Stay tuned for those travel posts upon my return!  I'll try to keep posting on Instagram while I am gone if I can seek out free wi-fi.  In the meantime, I leave you with some stunning examples I snapped from my copy of Hollywood in Kodachrome. Enjoy!