Sunday, January 5, 2014

England 2013 Part III - Canterbury

To continue the series on our last trip to England...

I had not been to Canterbury since 1996. Besides landing in Dover, it is the first place I had ever been to in the UK. We figured we’d make a stop there on our way back from the Rhythm Riot before heading back to London. We stayed the night at the beautiful Cathedral Gate Hotel which is actually located on Cathedral property and was built in 1438. I was able to look out our window to watch the sun rise on the cathedral in the morning. It was gorgeous! Quite a change from our chalet at Pontins. I felt like royalty in this place!

Lunch at The Foundry, a Canterbury Brewers brew pub

Our hotel to the right of the cathedral gate, 
hence the name Cathedral Gate Hotel...

A welcomed relief after three nights at Pontins for the Rhythm Riot!

View of the cathedral from our window

One of our pub stops that evening

I love traveling in the off season. We went to the Cathedral soon after it opened on a Tuesday and booked the 10:30 tour and had the tour guide all to ourselves. I highly recommend the tour if you ever go. We would have missed so much had it not been for that.  I took so many pictures I found it very difficult to narrow it down for this post!  So much beauty!

 Watching the sun rise on the cathedral

It was so cold and windy I could no longer feel my face at this point.

After fully exploring the cathedral it was off to the train station to make our way back to London for the remainder of our trip.  So much more to come!

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