Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pre Viva Getaway to L.A.

(Thanks for taking this photo TC!)

Another whirlwind trip to LA this past weekend! Even though Viva is fast approaching, we really needed a quick getaway and could not wait until then. Stayed in the usual spot and visited our usual haunts in the Los Feliz area but managed to go to a few new places as well!

Took our time heading down the 101 with a surf stop in Pismo and lunch in Santa Barbara at The Brewhouse. Then of course Tiki Ti once we got to town!  Charles Phoenix was actually there but I am way too shy to say anything.  We then dined at El Chavo and had one more cocktail at The Dresden before turning in relatively early. We were shot!

The pier at Pismo Beach where I get my coffee and watch Ben surf...

A little bit 'o' Bakelite & the ocean...

Lunch at The Brewhouse!

I always get super excited to see the Capitol Records building!

We made it!  Here I am in my Desi-Roo bunny top.

Ahhhh...always a relief to finally get to Tiki Ti.

Saturday I got a hold of the fabulous Technicolor Cutie and we all had a wonderful time and an amazing lunch at Canter’s Deli on Fairfax.  (Thank you Ben for being patient as we talked about fun girly things!) We tried to go to the Rainbow but it does not open until 5 on Saturday. It was a blessing in disguise!  We loved Canter’s!!! Missy is the best tour guide ever!!! Thanks to her suggestion, I ate something called The Marilyn.  Apparently Marilyn Monroe used to eat it all the time there. So good! I wonder what famous celebrities might have sat in the booth we were in. After sadly parting ways later that afternoon (at least we’ll meet again soon at Viva!!!), Ben and I powered on with some more Tiki Ti, El Chavito for snacks, then some exploration of Hollywood Boulevard at night (Musso and Frank’s, The Frolic Room). It was one action packed day!

Canter's Deli!

Stole this from Missy's IG :)

At Spitz before saying goodbye...

Love The Dresden in the daytime

Always pop in to see these guys.  
Caught a few songs the night before.

Couldn't resist one more stop at Tiki Ti...

Musso & Frank's!

Love the light fixtures at the Frolic Room!

I need to make it inside Pantages one of these days.  
If it is this beautiful outside, imagine what the inside looks like!

I am always so sad to leave but we had a good time at El Cid’s Sunday brunch before heading home. Back on the 101 with a surf stop in Ventura for Ben. Trying to make our mini vacation last as long as possible we stopped for dinner in Paso Robles at the Firestone taproom. Didn’t get home until 9:30 that night then back to work Monday morning. I am still recovering!

Walking to El Cid...

Explored Silverlake a bit before having brunch...


C Street - Ventura

Proof I actually went on the beach 
(I usually stay away in the shade and off the sand)

Ben catching some waves...

Firestone Brewery in Paso Robles

Amazingly, the only two things I bought!  
I had to use all of my will power, especially at Miss L Fire!

Necklace from Miss L Fire

Purse from Replay Vintage

Now we better take it easy until Viva Las Vegas!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Recent purchases…a common theme!

There appears to be a theme running throughout my most recent purchases.  Can you guess what it is???

Mexico!  If you follow me on Instagram then this is no surprise...

More Miss L Fire!  Got these on sale from Miss Bamboo.

The following is the seller's photo (source). After receiving the skirt
I realized it was a tad shorter than I wanted but there was plenty of extra fabric to let the hem down so it looks a bit different now.

 Wish I could say I did the embroidery on this.
Found for $1 at a friend's garage sale!

 Some IG outfit posts showing how I wore some of my new goodies...

Sporting my sombrero necklace and Tijuana souvenir scarf...

I just knew I had to pair my sombrero brooch with my 
Vivien of Holloway gypsy top and Freddies of Pinewood Rivet Jeans! 

Now if only they sold tooled leather wedges big enough to fit my size 10 feet on Olvera Street in Los Angeles I would be set! Last time I was there the woman at the stall said they were going to try to get them in larger sizes. I know I am not the only girl with feet that size!  Perhaps I'll have to go back on our trip down south later this month!