Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good Ol’ Cowboy Music and Grandpa T

An influence from my grandpa (the one who used to say my great aunt was 'like a tree in the desert’) is my love of old cowboy music and old western stuff in general. He lived in cowboy boots, bolo ties, and Stetson hats that he would travel out of state to purchase. One of his favorite bands was The Reinsmen (pictured above) who he used to see when he and my grandma would make the trek down to Death Valley Days from where they lived in Southern California. I am lucky enough to have a few of their albums which belonged to my grandpa. I also have an amazing photo of my grandpa with the band, probably from sometime in the 1980s. His family may have been from Norway and may have come from Minnesota but he sure took to the west once his family moved here in 1932!

At the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage

Used this shot of Gene Autry as inspiration for the tattoo
dedicated to my Grandpa on my arm.

Tattoo by Chummy at Tattoo 13 in Oakland. He added my
Grandpa's Stetson and made him a blonde, blue eyed Norwegian cowboy!

Grandpa T (center) with The Reinsmen!

My Grandpa's records


A little sample of The Reinsmen. 
Wish I could have found a clip of my favorite song they do, The Lilies Grow High.


  1. Great music!! And an equally great post! I love history, and I loved my grandpa so much. I get sentimental over any grandfather post! :) Thank you for sharing!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

    1. Oh how I love The Reinsmen. Their music is so soothing to me. Sons of the Pioneers are great as well! Love to hear from others who had great relationships with their grandfathers! He was one cool guy and even though he has been gone a long time now the memories we have of him have not faded one bit. Always bringing stories about him back up and there are oh so many to tell!