Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jackson Car Show

Headed up to the in-laws this past weekend and checked out the car show happening in historic downtown Jackson since Ben’s dad was showing their VW. (This was after we watched Arsenal defeat Hull for the FA Cup of course!!!)  It was the perfect sized car show with a variety of cars lining the main street, thankfully none of which looked like they came from a ZZ Top video. Sadly there were no Thunderbirds. There are a lot of great buildings in this old town founded in 1848. It was the perfect backdrop for the show. The National Hotel has been restored and looks beautiful perched at the end of the main street.


Ben's parents' VW

The Buick was my favorite

Funny moment came as I was walking down the street and heard ‘Hey, rat rod girl!’ coming from the owner of a convertible Fairlane. I guess I was the only one there dressed as I was so he asked for a photo with his car. Why not! In all my years, I think this is the first time I’ve done a pose like this with a car, except for the Batmobile at Magic Mountain in 1996 when I jumped the rope! Anyhow, he was nice enough to email the photo to Ben’s dad so I could share. He shouted ‘Bye hot rod girl!’ as the cars left town. Funny to be the only one at a car show in vintage with tattoos! We all had a great time that day (though I’ve not had allergies that bad in years and now know Zyrtec and wine may not be the best combo!). 

Sadly I did not get any shopping in.

The old court house...

So pretty but makes me so sneezy!

Shenanigans at Gallagher's Pub near the in-laws...
Always been so curious what the inside of the Buckhorn Lodge looks like...

Before wine and allergy meds got the best of me!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Viva Las Vegas #17 - Saturday and Sunday

Romper from Stutterin Mama

Now for the rest of Viva…

We do not like the sun or heat so sadly the Saturday car show is not for us. At least we could see it from our hotel room window! Though we did cruise out there once the sun went down where I got to visit with Jocelyn and Lynsey from Miss L Fire. I was lucky enough to have met Jocelyn last year at the boutique in Los Feliz but this was the first time I got to meet the owner and creator! Both fabulous ladies!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we really did not see that much music this year but really enjoyed Jinx Jones on Saturday. Sunday was more Charles Phoenix where I caught one of the donuts he was throwing out into the audience. Our friend Zach caught one, too! He actually ate his but since mine rolled off the back of the poor woman in front of me, I thought it best to skip it, not before taking photos of course!

On with the rest of the recap!
Enjoying the shade at the pool party Saturday...

More Luxulite accessories for Saturday night!

Jodi snapped this of us with Heather, Scott, and Zach!
My dress is from the fabulous Cassandra Cadillac!

With Lynsey, the creator of Miss L Fire!

With the adorable Jocelyn from the Los Feliz boutique!

Ben with Melanie and Aaron.  How cute does she look in that outfit?!?!
More Cassandra Cadillac I believe!

Lance Romance!

Lance and Jinx Jones!
Let 'em know!

With the very glamorous ladies, Chelsea and Missy!  That lurex was to die for!

More to die for lurex!  Finally met Wendi !  Need more time with this girl next time!

Crazy Cavan!


Sunday day time OOTD... Skirt is from Julie of Fab Gabs.

Quick shot with Melanie before high tailing it back indoors out of the sun and heat!

The one time a year I get to see Katie!  Wish she still lived in Northern California.

Patient husbands while Jodi and I shopped.

Besides a pair of Remix wedges, this was my only purchase. 
Got $50 off since it was Sunday deal time!
No better way to spend Easter than with Charles Phoenix!

Heather, Jodi, Zach, and Ben!
Yes, he chucked donuts into the audience...

I caught the weird orange one!

With Heather and Jodi...

Hayden Thompson!

The Rhythm Shakers!

Goodbye Viva!  Until next year!

Kept the party going until the very end at the airport...

So that’s it for this year’s Viva round up. Room is booked for next year! We were sad to miss Deek’s Guitar Geek Show. I really hope they switch that back to a more normal time next year. Midnight is just such a hard time slot for that in my opinion.

Looking forward to the Rockabilly Rockout in October! It has a great line up with my all-time fave, Carlos and the Bandidos! Should make for a fun time, all about the music!