Friday, May 2, 2014

Viva Las Vegas #17 - Wednesday through Friday

Another Viva has come and gone. Sure is hard to go from there back to an office to sit at a desk under fluorescent lights. Though I am always happy to get back to normal since I’d be dead if I lived like that all the time! Another thing that makes coming home a bit easier…there’s always next year! Oh, and the Rockabilly Rockout this October with Carlos and the Bandidos as well as a bunch of other fabulous bands!

Had a great time as always but I think I saw less music this year than any of the previous Vivas. On the other hand, I met and talked to more people than I ever have. That was a huge plus! I met so many wonderful people and got to meet back up with other friends who live too far away to see on a regular basis. Looking forward to next year when I get to meet those who I did not run into over the weekend.

My Viva round up this year will be less bands than usual and more shots with friends, old and new, and of my outfits of course! I think the only band we stayed for the entire set of was Bay Area local guitar legend Jinx Jones with Lance Romance on bass. I'm not sure how many people realize what an amazing guitarist Jinx Jones is and how incredible Lance Romance is on bass as well! They seem to play each year though so if you missed it this time, don’t miss them next year!

Now, on with the recap!

Got in Wednesday night and hit the strip...

Only $3 for a round of drinks at the Riviera!!!

Sin City Brewing Co. at the Flamingo

Our new Bay Area pals we met at the Oakland airport!

Perfect view of the car show from our room.
Some hand clapping at the Hooch and Smooch Thursday...

 So excited to hang with these ladies & fellow vintage bloggers...
Melanie and Missy! (apologies for the blurry photo)

Our standard pose started at the Tiki Ti :)  Hee, hee...
Missy's dress was amazing!  Made by her of course!  Such a talented woman!

The patient husbands who put up with our girl talk :)

My Thursday evening OOTD...

 More time with Missy and Chelsea!  I've gotta get down to LA more!

I was posing as Chelsea's date before they all took off to Frankie's!
Those ladies all looking beautiful in their Shaheens!

Very happy to meet these two glamorous ladies!  The lovely Rebecca to my left is the owner of DesiRoo Clothing on Etsy. Love those tops she makes and can't wait to buy more!

A little leg from Kim Lenz!  HOT!!

First OOTD on Friday (forgot to photograph my evening outfit!) -
Was excited to wear my Luxulite fruit brooch and my trusty Miss L Fires!

Always a highlight...Charles Phoenix!  Throwing Peeps to the audience! 

Had a nice chat over margaritas with Melanie!

From's Conny!

Pat Capocci!
Stay tuned for one more Viva post!


  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing all these grand pictures of your Vegas trip. It looks like such a memorable experience and so fun to be there with friends. Love your outfits!

    1. Thank you, Joanna! We have so much fun each year! Already on countdown to the next one ;)

  2. I love seeing and hearing all about VLV from all you lucky gals who went. I'm hoping to make it either next year or the year after. Thanks for sharing! Xx ShaunA

    1. Hope you get to go next year! It’s a ton of fun!

  3. Your outfit. I can't even. I just...*dies*

    Can't wait to see more pics!


    1. Thanks, Janey! Planning outfits each year for Viva is half the fun! Hope to have my follow up post done soon ;)

  4. I am already counting down to next year's Viva too! It's less than a year! :D Hehehehe! Soooooo great to catch up with you and Ben....and looking forward to seeing you this summer! I can practically taste those margaritas that we will be drinking, already! :D xxx

    1. So great to catch up with you as well! So excited to see you in August! And we'll most likely be in London in the beginning of November, then it will be Viva again before you know it!

      Oh yes...there will be margaritas...Watch out Alameda!