Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alameda Vintage Fashion Faire - Spring 2014

Ready to shop!

A couple of weekends ago another Alameda Vintage Clothing Faire was held, this time at Michaan's Auction House, and it was a shopping success! The theme this year was WWII since it was held the weekend of Flag Day. Once again my friend Jodi and I went to the opening Friday evening and we had a blast! I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a successful shopping experience all at once, including finding a couple of items I’ve been after for some time (new eyeglasses, celluloid & fruit necklace) all for killer deals. The best deal would have to be the two piece painted / sequined Mexican number I scored. I usually see these way too small for somewhere around $200 - $300 and I got mine for $120! I still cannot believe it! We had such a great time and swore we were high on shopping. Thank goodness they sold wine there to calm us down. I wish I would have been better about taking photos but I was just too darn busy shopping and catching up with fellow vintage lovers I had not seen in a while!

The loot!  The only photo I have of my new glasses from Allyn Scura since they are off getting lenses put in them. Very excited!

In the lobby of Michaan's Auction House after all the shopping,
already wearing my new fruity necklace along with my Jitterbuggin top and Luxulite brooch.

First stop was the Relic Vintage booth where I found my dream blouse!  I could have easily spent all of my money there but managed to stay strong and only buy the top.

Ric rac, ric rac, and more ric rac!

Not sure the name of the vendor I bought this from but I love this belt!

Still cannot believe this is mine!  So much going on here...

And the necklace I have been dreaming of...all mine!!!

This past weekend wearing my newest Relic Vintage purchase.

If you have never been to the Alameda Vintage Fashion Faire, go!  If I remember correctly it is usually held twice a year with one in the spring and another in the fall.  Can’t wait for the next one!