Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bicycles and Mai Tais

The third annual Vintage Bicycle Hop happened this past weekend at Forbidden Island and we had a great time!  We missed last year's but made it to the first one back in 2012 (see this post for a few photos).  The DJs played such great music!  There were so many interesting bikes it must have been difficult for the judges to pick which ones to award trophies to. We ran into some friends we had not seen in ages which made for even more fun. 

I was flattered to be roped into the best riding frock contest by Cindy of the Broken Spokes, along with two other contestants even though I was extremely embarrassed to be up there in front of the crowd. The winner had a bicycle themed novelty print skirt. Who could compete with that? I was excited to finally debut the Luau print Shaheen I bought off Etsy though it is not good for bike riding. I had to pedal standing up the whole time so my dress would not get caught in my spokes. I’ll think it through better next time for sure and probably not wear such a valuable dress!  Or better yet, get dress guards for my back wheel!
Known these guys for years! 
Part of the crew from back in the '90s coffee shop days at Newark Java. 

Tiki nerd!

Award time...

Best riding frock contest...

So embarrassed...
Thanks to the Broken Spokes, A-Town Booking Agency & Events, and Forbidden Island for such a fun Sunday!


  1. That looks like a really fun day out. Congrats on your award. That dress is really pretty. :)

    1. Thanks, Gabriella! I actually did not win but still took it as a compliment I was chosen with two other ladies to be part of it. The girl on the right of the 2nd to last photo won. She had a bicycle novelty print skirt! ;)

  2. That dress looks fabulous on you! I could never enter any kind of contest. I am so awkward and self conscious in front of a crowd.

    I have a really nice beach cruiser but I hardly ever ride it. Our neighborhood isn't exactly bike friendly so it makes me very nervous to ride my bike.

    1. Thanks so much, Mariela! I was very uncomfortable up there for sure! At least I may be a little bit less embarrassed the next time if it ever happens again ;) Funny how that makes me uncomfortable yet I tap danced in recitals for 18 years! Guess I should wear tap shoes next time ;)