Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reader meet author…James Ellroy

For the very first time I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite authors, James Ellroy! I think he is just about the only one of my all-time favorite authors who is still among the living. I always thought I would get the chance to meet Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. but sadly he passed in ’07 and I never had the chance.

We were so lucky that Mr. Ellroy scheduled a stop in Alameda at Books Inc. to promote his latest, Perfidia (which I am about a third of the way through and loving!). We did see him previously the one time we attended Eddie Muller’s Film Noir Festival in San Francisco. He was very far away on stage and there to introduce the restored copy of The Prowler so getting to see him in such an intimate setting was amazing. Eddie Muller was in attendance at Books Inc. as well. I suspect he is the reason James Ellroy knows Alameda now and I thank him for that!

James Ellroy with the Czar of Noir, Mr. Eddie Muller!

During the event, James Ellroy gave a talk and read some excerpts from Perfidia before signing books. I was a nervous wreck the whole time (I am definitely not a smooth operator when it comes to meeting famous people…I thought I was going to pass out when I met John Waters!). Thankfully he was very easy going and nice when I got up there with my sweaty hands and fresh copy of Perfidia. I could barely speak but did manage to ask for a photo and thank him for visiting Alameda. I sure hope he returns when the next installment of this new LA series is published. Hopefully I’ll be able to play it a bit more cool next time!

"To Elisa - L.A. '41 in blood!"

Thanks so very much to James Ellroy and Books Inc.!


My pre-event dinner at Ole's...Fans of the movie LA Confidential will know it as someone's final meal at the Night Owl...
"Grilled cheese, black coffee... two of the victims were women, right?" 


  1. Ah! So exciting! And I am so jealous! I missed him in Portland too! But hope to maybe catch him down in California.

    Also I LOVE that you had that meal! And the lipstick print is a GREAT touch!!


    1. I'm sure now that you are in Southern California you'll get to see him some time! Maybe you will see him dining at the Pacific Dining Car in LA ;)

      Thanks for noticing the lipstick touch. Yep, I did that on purpose! I knew a fellow LA Confidential fan would appreciate that!