Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Empress of China and Charles Phoenix in San Francisco!

What a night this was! Not only were we seeing the Charles Phoenix Retro Holiday Slide Show, we finally got to experience the Empress of China before it closes its doors at the end of the year. Now that we saw it in all its glory, I am even more sad than I was before about it closing. I agree with Charles Phoenix when he said it is the ‘best Chinese restaurant in the world!’ There is so much going on from the ballroom where the slide show was to the bar and restaurant…multiple floors of amazing-ness!

Of course the slide show was fabulous as always! It was fun seeing it in a different venue other than Viva Las Vegas where we usually see him. I am so glad we got to catch it since we will not be at Viva in 2015. I sadly do not have photos of him in all his paisley suited awesomeness but you can find loads of photos on Instagram of other lucky guests who managed to grab a photo with him. His suits are always such a highlight!

I tried to snap as many photos of the place as I could since it will be our only time there. So many beautiful details! Without further ado...behold! The Empress of China!

Jayne Mansfield and the man who opened the place, Kee Joon!  
Not sure how she managed to keep that dress in place...

How did I not know about this fabulous happy hour all these years?!?!

With Jodi...

Zach and Ben

View from the bar window

Hope these guys have their future home sorted out!

Empress Mai Tai before the show

Hooray!  Showtime!

Ready for dinner after the show.  I opted for the Empress Martini.

We were seated next to the window for dinner and had an amazing view!  
That's Coit Tower way off in the distance.

The wall of awards...

Cheers to you, Empress of China!  You will be missed!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


This is probably not the first snood blog post you have ever seen but I was just so excited by my recent purchase from Arthelia’s Attic and that my hair is long enough to wear a snood again, I wanted to share! I’ve already placed my order for another in cherry red. I want them in all colors! Such an easy alternative, especially since I usually only wear a pony tail. This way I get to wear my hair down without all the fuss! I’ll be happy when I have a bit more length to fill out the snood more than I currently do. The first time I wore it I had a heck of a time getting all my hair in but figured out a solution. I twist my hair up as one would for a French twist, then hold it in place with a bobby pin. Once the snood is in place, I reach through and remove the bobby pin to let my hair fill the snood. I’m sure other ladies have better methods but this worked well for me. Most probably already know of the fabulous work from Arthelia’s Attic but for those who do not, pop on by Etsy and have a look!

Couldn't resist a Bakelite detail from that day.  The end yellow and pink pieces are from Brighter Bakelite and the ring is from the Retrolite collection at Classic Hardware.

Christmas shot being snood-y!
Shoes: Remix

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pacific Pinball Museum

After years of living in Alameda, we FINALLY went to the Pacific Pinball Museum.  We have been missing out for sure!  This place is fantastic!  It was the perfect event that drew us there, Vintage Pinball Style, organized by fellow bloggers and all around great vintage loving ladies Mary Van Note and Tina Vines.  This event had it all:  vintage shopping, standup comedy, and a 60s dance party to finish the night.  Hopefully they will get to do this again sometime.  In the meantime, I will be visiting the Pinball Museum again real soon as I am officially hooked on playing Buckaroo!  My favorite game from the day!


I couldn't stop playing it!

It's Beat Time with The Bootles!

More awesome pinball artwork...

Forgot to get more shots of the ladies that day but thankfully got one with Andrea
Twinsies in our Freddies of Pinewood!

So if you are in Alameda and and like pinball, you must visit this place!!!