Thursday, December 11, 2014


This is probably not the first snood blog post you have ever seen but I was just so excited by my recent purchase from Arthelia’s Attic and that my hair is long enough to wear a snood again, I wanted to share! I’ve already placed my order for another in cherry red. I want them in all colors! Such an easy alternative, especially since I usually only wear a pony tail. This way I get to wear my hair down without all the fuss! I’ll be happy when I have a bit more length to fill out the snood more than I currently do. The first time I wore it I had a heck of a time getting all my hair in but figured out a solution. I twist my hair up as one would for a French twist, then hold it in place with a bobby pin. Once the snood is in place, I reach through and remove the bobby pin to let my hair fill the snood. I’m sure other ladies have better methods but this worked well for me. Most probably already know of the fabulous work from Arthelia’s Attic but for those who do not, pop on by Etsy and have a look!

Couldn't resist a Bakelite detail from that day.  The end yellow and pink pieces are from Brighter Bakelite and the ring is from the Retrolite collection at Classic Hardware.

Christmas shot being snood-y!
Shoes: Remix


  1. You look great! I love the look of snoods but am never happy with how they look on me.

    1. Thanks so much, Mariela! I did not realize there were so many variations on the snood until I saw some of the different styles Arthelia’s Attic carries. Maybe one day you’ll find the right one that you like the look of when you have it on. ;)

  2. Nice snood! I have yet to get one from her.

    I love your tree and we have the same exact Hey-Wake table! In fact that was the VERY first piece of Hey-Wake I bought!


    1. Thanks, Janey! Love that we have matching Hey-Wake tables! It’s the only piece I own and I found it for a steal the first time I went to the Antiques Faire here in Alameda years ago as it was stained a horrible dark color. Seems that there was a period of time where anything light people were compelled to stain dark. I blame the 70s! Ha, ha ;) Wish I had room for more Hey-Wake. I envy your collection!